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The PPCOMG Story

PPCOMG started in the middle of the recession. This would seem like a strange time to begin a business, however this was just the time and type of business that was needed during these hard times. Through PPC (Pay Per Click) management, PPCOMG is able to help companies better target potential customers through online marketing. This targeted marketing usually costs less than traditional marketing such as billboards, phone book advertising and television commercials. Not only is PPC marketing cheaper, it almost always produces a much higher ROI (Return On Investment) than the traditional methods of advertising. So, even when the economy is struggling, PPCOMG is able to help businesses grow by bringing quality traffic to their websites which can then easily convert into loyal customers.

The founder of PPCOMG created a company focused on PPC marketing because of the many horible do it all internet marketing companies out there. In his early days of internet marketing Scott found many internet marketing companies more interested in building their clientele lists than they did in building the customer base of those clients. These companies offered one stop internet marketing solutions, taking a shotgun approach to the world wide web. Often the clients of these companies were dissapointed in the results. Their budgets were spread too thin and their customer base didn't grow, or grew too slowly to make their business profitable. PPCOMG originally fell into this group of internet marketing agencies. However, Scott saw that PPC marketing was an area of internet marketing producing amazing ROIs and decided to take a sniper rifle approach to internet marketing. By focusing on PPC marketing alone and becoming a PPC genius, he was able to help business grow. He then decided to change the focus of PPCOMG and only provide PPC management services. This was a big risk because he was walking away from potential business in the form of social media marketing and website development. Although, he wanted his company to provide better service than anyone else out there. By focusing on PPC marketing alone PPCOMG was able to provide it's clients the best PPC marketing management avaliable.

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