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PPC - Pay Per Click

What is PPC and how can it grow my company?

Pay Per Click marketing, more commonly known as PPC marketing, is one of the best ways to promote your company on the internet, however it is often not used due to its complexity. Although there are many forms of PPC marketing, they all have one thing in common, an advertiser places and on the internet that leads to their site and they pay for that placement by paying a small amount each time the ad is clicked on. PPC marketing has many advantages over traditional marketing. One is that the advertiser only pays when someone is actually interested in their ad enough to click on it. Imagine being able to place a TV commercial spot and only having to pay when someone enters your store after watching the commercial. Pay Per Click marketing also allows an advertiser to highly target their customers in a variety of ways. If you are a shoe store that only carries size 10 and up red shoes for running, you can actually target customers looking for those particular shoes and exclude your ads from showing to people with shoe size 7 who want black dress shoes. Never in marketing history has an advertiser been able to target their customers so precisely. PPC marketing also allows a wide variety of budgets to advertise their products. Advertisers can successfully use PPC marketing with budgets as low as $100/month up to millions/month.

One of the reasons companies stay away from PPC marketing is because they don't understand the power it holds or how to tap into that power. Pay Per Click marketing can help a company increase their profits while providing a great ROI (Return on Investment). Although PPC marketing is such a great way to market, it is incredibility complex. Unlike placing an ad on a billboard where a price, location, and duration of the placement is all determined before a contract is signed; PPC marketing is fluid, the cost per click (CPC) can change with each click and the many factors exist to determine that cost. Google is the largest source for PPC marketing and they recommend that to get the most out of your advertising dollar, you should hire a professional. PPCOMG has proven experience with PPC marketing and we will squeeze every penny of your advertising dollar. We know how to target your customers to increase your sales and decrease your costs. We have developed proven strategies to get you the most clicks possible at the lowest price possible, maximizing your budget. If you are considering PPC marketing, allowing PPCOMG to manage your account will actually save you money in the long run.

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PPCOMG Online Marketing Results

The graphs below show actual results from accounts managed by the online marketing geniuses at PPCOMG. The names of the accounts and actual dates have been removed from the graphs to protect the proprietary information of our clients, we would never want to compromise any of our client's privacy. Below each graph is a short description explaining the data.

More than 845% increase in sales in five months. The above graph shows the increased sales over a five month peropd. At the beginning of the five month period the client was receiving less than 60 sales per day, and at the end of our marketing they were receiving over 300 sales per day with up to 558 sales per day. This customer saw a 845% increase in their daily sales over this five month period. To have PPCOMG help increase your sales with their internet marketing solutions fill out this form for a free quote.

42% decrease in cost per click over 7 months The above graph shows the decreased cost per click (CPC) over a seven month period. At the beginning of the seven month period this client was paying a CPC over $1.00, after seven months of our management their CPC was under $0.65. This means that this client was saving 42% on each click, so they were able to recieve more customers at a lower cost. To have PPCOMG help decrease your CPC with their internet marketing solutions fill out this form for a free quote.

985% increase in site visitors over 6 months The above graph shows the increased traffic brought thorugh internet marketing. At the beginning of the six month period the client's website was being visited less than 440 times per day, at the end of the six month period they were receiving over 4600 visitors per day. This increase in visitors greatly increased the pool of customers this client was able to reach. To have PPCOMG help increase your site's traffic with their internet marketing solutions fill out this form for a free quote.

700% increase in conversion rate over 3 months Increasing traffic is meaningless unless that traffic converts into sales. PPCOMG's internet marketing solutions not only increase traffic, but they increase the quality of traffic coming to your site. The above graph shows a client's conversion rate over a three month period. During this time period they saw a 700% increase in their conversion rate, which means the quality of their traffic was 700% higher after three months of our management. To have PPCOMG help increase your conversion rates with their internet marketing solutions fill out this form for a free quote.

To have PPCOMG increase your sales with their internet marketing solutions fill out this form for a free quote.